Brazilian Brow eyebrow scissors

Brow scissors are uniquely designed. The action on these surgical scissors allows you to pinch the two blades together. The way they fit into your hand offers great visibility and incredible control.



Eyebrow spring scissors for trimming

These scissors are perfect for trimming and precisely shaping the eyebrow area. May be used with either left hand or right hand. Designed for neurosurgical, so perfect for eyebrows. They’re ergonomic in design and handle comfortably. After each snip, the blades bounce back open and ready for the next!

Here are some tips to when selecting your scissors:

  • Designed for neurosurgical, so perfect for eyebrows
  • Cuts by shearing, reduces crushing
  • Fine tips are ideal for use in very restricted spaces
  • Choose between Curved and Straight tips
  • Sharp blades give a incredible control

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