Slant Tweezer angle 45° – Blue

De Slant Tweezer van Brazilian Brows is voor algemeen en professioneel gebruik. Het perfect gevormde pincet met hand vervaardigde schuine tip van 45° verwijdert keer op keer zelfs de fijnste haartjes met dezelfde precisie.


Brazilian Brows – Slant Tweezer 45° (Blue)

The Slant Tweezer 45 degree blue removes every hair you want removed with the greatest precision. This amazing tweezer has been given legendary status due to its precision and the ease which these hairs are removed.

The tweezers fit perfectly in the hand and have a straight tip that is perfect for shaping your eyebrows. The tweezers give a perfect grip and give just the right stiffness with which you can grasp and remove hairs easily, precisely and firmly.

These tweezers are made of stainless steel and are used by many famous makeup artists in Brazil.


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